Let’s backtrack a bit…

Today I finally got the free wordpress blog to look somewhat okay (by my standards). Last night I basically tried every one of the 98 available themes to see what will suit this blog. I really like the darker themes that will be a bit easier on the eyes so in the end Black Letterhead was used. After my morning lab (building window comparators), I pulled out some random logos that I had made in the summer and pieced together the first LCS header icon. I am now tired and very hungry so I will keep this concise.

My current project have a few goals:

1. Modulelar – I like arduino (and I’m sure many others will agree) for its simplicity and modularity (shields? anyone?) so I aim to make my components as modular as possible. This means integrated “packs” for each major component that can plug directly into the RBBB (why RBBB? that’s the next point). This way all my parts are reusable without major time with desoldering.

2. Compact – I like things neat and compact and I think this is especially important for hand-held applications. The standard arduino (I have the Diecimila) is just too unwieldy and not ideal for a portable monitor. Of course, choosing a RBBB (RealBareBonesBoarduino) means I will be limited by the number of I/Os I can have, but for most of my projects, this just means more complicated codings (software serial for example).

3. Aesthetics – I want my projects to be good looking and professionally done. This means good soldering, well placed wire connections, and form-fitting enclosures. What more can I say?


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