Accelerometer Module

The accelerometer I am using is purchased from Modern Device. It is a breakout board with a MMA7361 chip from Freescale. The MMA7361 operates in 2 selectable sensitivity modes, +/- 1.5g, and 6g. I am using it at 1.5g so the shunt was not used.

Here is the board with headers attached (right angled to save space):

I can wire the accelerometer to the RBBB with individual wires, but I think since almost all sensors require at least 3-4 pins, ribbon cables will be nicer looking and easier to use. I found these from Modern Device (they are meant for JeeNodes):
Ribbon cable

Looking at the RBBB, the analog input pins (required for the accelerometer) are conveniently located beside 5V and GND, but blast! 5V and GND are flipped on the accelerometer board:
Close up of pins

Lucky for me, the ribbon cable solves the pin order problem as I can just rewire each cable according to the module’s needs (this is extremely helpful for the transceiver module, but more on that later). Simply use a tack to unlock each pin and rewire accordly:
Rearranging pins
Rearranging pins

The final accelerometer module (the board and its properly wired cable), ready to be plugged into the RBBB (notice that the red (5V) and black (GND) wires are now flipped):
Accelerometer ribbon

Ribbon cables

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