The RBBB – a Really Bare Bones Board

The RBBB is a creation of Paul Badger at Modern Device. This breadboard arduino platform is probably one of the least expensive arduino solutions at under 15 bucks each. It’s compact form factor is ideal for my hand held application. Combine it with a mini breadboard and you have a easy , plug and play, modular setup.

The common mini-breadboard has just enough space to bring out all the pins on a RBBB. Here you can see the board and how I plan to connect the other modules of the project to the RBBB:
Mini breadboard
RBBB setup

You will notice that there are some oddly placed wires and resistor on the breadboard and the reason for those is the lack of an actual “prototyping” area on the broad after the RBBB is seated. There are two lonely rails at the far left and three under the RBBB oscillator. Those three rails are what I have to work with for the LCD connection:
Close up RBBB

The three rails are used for the LCD GND, VCC, and contrast. To save space and parts, a resistor (pictured) is used for contrast control instead of a pot. I used a 1kohm resistor which did the job. With those taken care of, I just had to ground the RW pin and bring 5v and GND to the backlight LEDs:
RBBB LCD setup

Be sure to insulate underneath the RBBB since you are putting wires between it and the breadboard (I shorted a RBBB and almost blew a regulator that way):
RBBB underneath

That’s pretty much it for the RBBB base that I am using. The keen readers will notice that there are no headers for serial communication with a PC. I use a Diecimila for uploading programs to swappable chips.

RBBB kits can be purchased at Modern Device


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