Enclosures here!

Polycase sure delivers, and fast too. I got a nice big box from the UPS man today and inside were my enclosures. I have worked with your standard project boxes before and found them awkward to hold (too thick and full of edges) so I decided to look for something with a little consideration for ergonomics. Polycase AG-85 fitted the bill perfectly. I picked up two in different colors just to see which one I liked better. In the end I found the “bone white” a little too yellow so I am going ahead with the back one.

I have not fully decided on the button layout yet (maybe a rotary encoder, joystick and buttons?) but the LCD placement is pretty much set in stone so I whipped out my Dremel and got down to business:

Here are the backing and the port insert:
Enclosure back

Just in case you want to know what it looked like before the knife and in white:
Enclosure white


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