Joystick modification

While I wait for the glue to dry between the LCD and the enclosure, I drilled the hole for the power switch and soldered up connections for the 9V battery. Also, I started with the joystick modifications. I bought a small two-axis thumb joystick a long time ago and thought I should try to use it here.

I like the thumb stick but for the enclose it was a little too big so I ditched the rubber/plastic top a made a new one out of a pen top (aluminum) that I had and a bit of heat shrink tubing:

Lacking foresight at the time, I did not purchase a breakout board for the joystick. I had to make do with a JeePlug. I will have to wire it up later:
Joystick breakout
Joystick breakout

I still don’t think I will be able to get full motion of the stick even though I reduced the tip size. This is due to the cramped spot that I want to fit all the controls in. I will have to see when my rotary encoders and buttons get here.


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