TGIF or maybe not

So I totally bombed my thermodynamics midterm tonight. I froze. That’s about it. I drown my sorrows with Big Macs and the works. After a bit of TV and adult beverages I cracked open the IDE and started working with the coding of the transceivers again. Initially I thought I would be limited by the type of data I could pass through with the HopeRF Library. It turns out that what I was dealing with was simply something not often done with arduino (due to its target audience being people who are often just starting with programming) but fairly common in C++. I had to fumble with the concept for a while. It was not easy to wrap my head around points and unsigned integers. In fact, it’s still pretty hazy.

In the end I finally found the way with the function atoi() which converted a const char* to an int. My test code for the transceivers are included below. It’s a simple modification of the sample Client sketch that came with the library.

// Declare the HRFMessage to use Serial for IO with the HM-TR module
HRFMessage client(&Serial);
long lastSendTime = 0;
int msg;
void setup()
digitalWrite(2, LOW);
digitalWrite(3, HIGH);
void loop()
// But always look for a reply
uint8_t buf[HRF_MAX_MESSAGE_LEN];
uint8_t len = sizeof(buf);
if (client.recv((uint8_t*)&buf, &len))
msg = atoi((const char*)buf);
case 11:
digitalWrite(4, HIGH);
case 22:
digitalWrite(4, LOW);
msg =0;


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  1. Craig says:

    Midterms come and go… solid transceiver code is for life!

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