Time for sensors

The drive functions are working well for the platform. I think I will just have to fine tune it a little to have it be more sensitive to the motions. I mentioned that I wanted a sensor turret on the platform, and here is a look at what it will probably look like. I also have plans for a gripper arm, but that means I will have to manage my PWM pins really well. There are 6 PWM pins on the arduino, two are reserved for the motor driver, and one for each axis-of-freedom (that means I can have a maximum of four servos). I want the platform to be autonomous later on so there has to be environmental sensors (light, sound, touch… ). I picked ultrasonic as the primary and bump sensors as secondaries. The ultrasonic sensor I have now is a DFRobot URM37, which I have yet to wire up.

Platform URM37

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