Knock offs

I purchased a Wii nunchuk off eBay about a month ago and it arrived today. Although the seller claimed that it was “Official Nintendo product”, to the trained eye, you could tell it was a knock off right a way. The quality of the plastic and molding seams may not tip you off but a closer look at the screw heads is usually a dead giveaway. Plus, once I have opened it up, the circuit tells no lies. The big ST accelerometer was not there. Instead, there is a chip hidden under a big blob of epoxy. Still, I was optimistic that although the circuit may be different that it would still function similarly. Unfortunately, this was not the case. I guess the chip that was responsible for acceleration was not a proportional one and acted as simple tilt sensors. Essentially I bought myself a thumb joystick and two buttons. I am not that disappointed though, I only paid 3 bucks for it including shipping so I was not expecting too much. Heck, even a thumb joystick will cost you that much (and that’s not including shipping). I will have to see what I can do with the nunchuk for parts.

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