Some thoughts

Work on the Mendel is scheduled for the weekend. In the meantime, I have a huge electrical assignment due tomorrow. I realized that although I love the subject, explaining things such as “what a race condition is” or “how to eliminate it” is really boring and borderline tedious. My mind is just drifting here and there, and one of the things I am dying to try out is Seeed Studio’s PCB prototyping service. I just have to find a worthy thing to prototype. I do have the special arduino clone already laid out but I can’t see myself making 10 of them (minimum batch order). I need something that I could give to friends for kicks, something entertaining or just plain wacky. Other constraints I need to worry about at the component costs. The boards are cheap at around 3 bucks each (including shipping), but the ICs on there probably won’t be. I will need a project that involves simple ICs that I already have: tons of 555 timers and various op-amps and regulators. I have thought about a logic probe, but it is almost too simple and its uses unappreciated by most people. I guess I will have to mull over this one for a bit longer. Plus, it usually takes 2-3 weeks to get it and I might be home for the winter break by then.


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