Computers – past and present

A friend of mine recently told me about DNA computing, which I was unaware of. After brushing up on its current development, I started thinking about computers and electronics in general. The last three decades have been a frenzy of technological advancements and just when Moore’s Law seems to be approaching its limit another field is opened up to offer new solutions and possibilities. Facing this unlimited field one must realize that the human brain is limited by millions of years evolution to survive in a environment that changes fairly slowly over time. Skills and knowledge are becoming more and more specialized and soon it will become clear that gathering the number of people required to fulfill a project will not be physically or economically possible. Softwares are increasing our efficiencies at the workplace and home all the time. The question is, when will artificial programming start to think for us? We are ingenious in accepting our limits and finding ways to overcome them. We have no wings, but that does not stop us from flying. We cannot run at 100 km/h but that does not stop us from driving. When will we go over the edge, and have computers make decision for us completely?

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