I find that a lot of opensource/freeware have problems keeping up with operating system upgrades, and the handy Gerber viewer Viewplot is no exception. There are six different gerber files and a NC drill file that need to be previewed for a prototype PCB. You will have to individually tell windows that Viewplot is the programs to open it (more of windows’ fault really). Moreover, you cannot just select multiple files in the “Open” function in Viewplot and open all of them in different layers. The functions are not that intuitive either, or maybe it’s just that I have no idea what I am doing. Every time I open the wrong file in the wrong layer, I would have to close Viewplot and restart. I have no idea why the undo function does nothing and the “New” function doesn’t open a new document completely. Then again, it is free and I got it running eventually. It’s a good thing too, as I found that the CAM job I did in eagle with SeeedStudio standards was not optimized and therefore the coordinates for the drill hole were off. I don’t know why the CAM file I downloaded didn’t have the optimization selected. Oh well…

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