More open source software

Worked on the Mendel a bit tonight and cut the belt to width on the hardware side of things (pictures to be posted on the Hackingston blog). On the softer side, I installed python (for the second time, as I had tried to learn it during first year), psyco (no idea what it does, other than “speed” things up), and Skeinforge. These three lethal programs will be used to convert .stl files to the g-code needed for the RapMan so we can print some new parts for the Mendel. That sums up what I did on the Mendel for the time being. I spent the rest of my time in the prototyping lab inhaling fumes from a terribly abused soldering station. Luckily, I was able to burn and scrape the darn thing clean. What was I soldering? Well, I long time ago (is two year considered a long time?), I bought a droids prototyping board and never thought to use it. It was nice and green and shiny and I just could ruin it with solder and wires. At last, my boredom got the better of me and I decided to turn it into a beautify piece of art – a minimalistic arduino. I say it’s beautiful because I recycled a few of capacitors and LEDs from a couple of DVD drives that I salvaged for their motors (and to practice desoldering). The resistors were leftovers from my electrical labs. All in all, I wanted it to be compact and elegant. Eventually it may end up at the heart of a clock project that I have been building up in my mind. Time will tell.


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