My first clock

Now that the electrical exam is over, I have dedicated some more time to the clock project. Unfortunately, this project will be a small one, with the focus on compactness and aesthetics. Another goal was to hand solder and reuse as much parts as possible (mainly LEDs and capacitors). So far I have the main layout and materials figured. I will need a shift register and a few resistors and transistors to complete the job. The base is the droids board I have mentioned earlier and time is kept by the RTC (which is mounted in the center and in full view under the display for looks). Things I have done today was the mounting of a 2.5mm jack I desoldered from some old electronics and the headers for the RTC. I made the headers for the RTC and soldered lines from A4 and A5 to the data and clock of the mount. I also had to desoldered the power LED so that a vertical one could be put in its place (I decided to have the base stand vertically instead of horizontally). I marked out the perf board needed for the display. It will also hold the three buttons and LEDs for user inputs (buttons were from DVD drives) as well as transistors and the shift register. The front will be a nice thick piece of acrylic and there will be a piece on the back as well. Overall, I think it will look really handmade (aside from the RTC), kind of like a steampunk car powered by a fuel cell sort of deal. I think the main fuction will be a clock, but it will also have month/day, and even a count down function. I am also thinking of having a script written for it to behave like a little bomb, and reprogram my mobile platform to search for it and retrieve it like a bomb disposal robot. That’s science fair material!


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