FML… or maybe not

Why am I posting at 4 am you ask? So I finished the hardware aspect of the clock, nicknamed “Ticki”. I wrote a few lines to test out the display. One of the LED segments was out. #@%&!!!!!! I was in shock. Especially since all the soldering were done. I guess I learned a valuable lesson about why you should test out the hardware first before soldering. I calmly went online and ordered another display. Then I thought, I need to get as much done as possible and see where it takes me. Out comes the desoldering pump and a very unhappy me. I managed to desolder it some how (the space was tight as you can see in the pictures below). I chucked the display on a breadboard and tested it again. What do you know, it works! #$%&@!!!!! All that work for pretty much nothing! Turns out that the anode of the third digit was shorted to the E segment and the LED was not getting any current (I should have asked myself why the other E segments were slightly brighter!). I can only blame myself. So I pulled off another miracle and resoldered the display back (I had to rewire some parts of it as the desoldering shortened some of my usable wires. I figured, it’s like 2am already anyways, why don’t I just finish the time keeping code too. So I did. Now I have a functional time piece! Of course that took a while and I still haven’t worked out the buttons and menus. Time to snooze.






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