Cold feet

Yesterday I desoldered the segmented display and the wires to the main board. Ticki is back to what it was a month ago, for better or for worse. Now that I have all the parts I need to finish the project (minus a way to wire the temp sensor), I am feeling a little nervous. I really do not want what happened earlier last month to repeat itself. I guess I will just have to be careful with current control and wiring in general. Hopefully I will find some time this week to finish the new wiring and have Ticki back up and running again. Also, I will probably add a DC power jack to the remote monitor so that it could be wall powered when the battery is switched off. This and the 8xAA battery holder I got for it (to replace the 9V) will ensure that the monitor will be able to run continuously for a few hours. with the battery holder i will also be able to use rechargeable AAs (8×1.2V will be perfect).

Ticki boards

New display panel


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