Smooth sailing

I finally finished the hardware rework for Ticki and this time I was extra careful with all the soldering and testing. I still ran into some unknown problem with the apostrophe LED (I need it for the degree symbol when measuring temp), but that was fixed by nudging the solder pin a little (probably a short contact somewhere). I have mentioned earlier that I shorted out the RTC battery. This meant that I no longer have a working clock, but I did manage to make progress with the temperature sensor (LM335). The setup I have for it now is the most basic with no hardware calibration (calibration is done in the software). Unfortunately I do not have a thermometer handy so I cannot calibrate it, but the coding is done. Now the main concern is the user interface. I have the basic buttons all laid out already, but some fine tuning is still needed to make it smooth and flawless.

Temperature reading

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