Almost there

I finished with the time and date settings, so now I can focus on other random functions. I was originally thinking of adding a counter but I didn’t think it would be really useful as I did not have a buzzer on Ticki. After seeing a digital dice project on Hackaday, I thought it would be really easy to put a random number generator on what I already have. The only question is do I want to have a 6 sided dice or, say, a 20 sided one. I could also make it adjustable, but its not that useful either way. In other news, I dug up a 9V transformer I had brought back with me from home and wired a plug to it. I realized after testing the voltage with my multimeter (also from home) that these transformers will output much higher voltages than the labeled ratings. My 9V was outputting 14V under no load conditions and my 12V was hitting 20V. The voltages drops slightly (around 2V) once loaded, so I am currently using a 12V for Ticki. I hope this will help with possible heating issues that I had with the 20V. Once again, I will have to test it over time to know its effect.

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