Minor update to Ticki

Ticki has been sitting at a corner of my desk and blinking away for a few days now and so far everything appears to be stable and desired. The “reset to 0 seconds” in the code is a bit of an annoyance as every time you cycle through the modes to check the temperature, the time would be set back a few seconds (up to a minute). I think I will recode the temp and m/d modes to be momentary (so that you hold a button while in time mode to check the temp and m/d. After all, you really do not need to check them that often. Other than that, MTG bot is running fine (used it for a few games already), though I am not sure how long the 9V in there will last (ps – maybe I will tap into the EEPROM and have it record the wins and losses, that would be a cool feature).

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