Tokyo LED bar

So I have settled on a 6×8 LED matrix (14pins) for the bar display. I purchased some white LEDs off dealextreme for dirt cheap at 10 cents each. The reason I did not go for a full RGB matrix is mainly time and money (what else, really?). With the Arduino and various other hardware/supplies, I am looking at at least 50 bucks (I do have a 12V car battery from CM that I could be putting to use). Time is tight with my courses and the learning curve for RGB matrices may be too much for me (I did consider the Rainbowduino, but it lacks easy-to-use documentation). I want this to look good so I will be off to home depot later to source my materials, I have it all planned out in my head, but things never quite turn out the way you want exactly. Either way, lots of work ahead.


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