A city of lights

I went out and purchased some building supplies for the light panel. It was decided that the panel will have a 6×8 LED matrix on it and constructed out of composite board and foam. The layout of the panels and LEDs can be seen in the picture below. This project will be a lot different than Tocki and I think I will have to learn a few new things on both the hardware and the software side of things. First off, I have not worked with 50+ LEDs before and the new current restraints meant I will have to use some transistors when designing the circuits. I bought a bag of PNP transistors from Radioshack and will be putting then to good use. Second, I will try some direct port manipulations to speed things up and this will tie in nicely with the interrupt timer function of the AVR (which I have yet to explore). The code needs to be pretty neat and luckily for me PortD of the AVR has 8 I/Os so I could really simplifying things. I will first build a 3×3 matrix from parts lying around to test the code. I hope my LEDs gets here soon and so I can start the cutting and building after the break.

Light panel


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