New territory

So I started writing the test codes for the matrix and sure enough, found myself lost in a whole new game. There are several ways to address a LED matrix. You can store frames in byte arrays and call them up (much like a animation) or address each LED in a matrix (turnledon[x,y] for example). The former method is faster since you can use direct port manipulation, but at a cost of being harder to have a dynamic display (live generated byte arrays is not something I want to tackle). The latter will no doubt be easier but will most likely have a rougher response (calling individual LED) unless a bit of byte conversion is used so that direct port manipulation could speed things up (calling a whole row of 8 LEDs). For now I think I will settle on the latter since it could be upgraded. Either way, the “Timer1” library will be used to access the hardware timer on the AVR.


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