A different direction

Now that school has started to pick up again (actually it is already at full steam), I did more research on the light panel. Pure luck has it, I found these MSGEQ7 ICs that would be great for the VU meter side of the project. To further simplify things, I also grabbed a electret microphone breakout board from Sparkfun (link). Hopefully these purchases will make my life a lot easier (I was wondering how I was going to check for multiple frequencies with the few I/O pins that I had left, but the multiplexer of the MSGEQ7 takes care of that). As for the panel itself, I think I will squeeze some construction time in during the weekends (these midterm times are brutal). On a positive note, I got a summer job lined up with Imperial Oil. I finally get to work in my home city and with a great corporation too, what a relief that the job hunt is over!

As for a picture to go with this post, how about the gearbox I designed for a project at school? It’s 3D printed!
Printed gearbox

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