A terrible start

So I machined out the top deck yesterday and everything was on schedule. I was going to take a large chunk out of the programming part tonight and start refining it tomorrow, but thing did not go as planned. The plan was to reuse pieces of the mobile platform code to reconstruct a leaner one for the new robot, but a tiny problem stalled the whole process by about 3 hours. It turns out that using the servo library disabled outputs of pins 9 and 10. Guess what’s on those pins? My &*^#ing motor driver. I spend the better part of my evening trying to figure out what the problem was. I thought it had to do with the longer messages that I was sending so I tried various ways to refine it to no avail. Then I though it had to do with some variable I choose that was in conflict with the wireless library so I fiddled with them to no avail. Finally, I rewrote the whole code on a new sketch and added piece one at a time, until it broke. A quick search on the servo library could have saved me a whole evening. Now I have to start a lab due tomorrow, oh yeah, and study for a midterm tomorrow too.


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