A drunk robot

Last year, I submitted a robot bartender for the science fair and it was well received. I guess alcohol and robots are a good pair so I decided to focus in a similar vein this year. The title of my project is Bender’s Son. As those of you familiar with the show Futurama knows, Bender the robot is the Charlie Sheen of the mechanical world. He is a deadbeat alcoholic wise ass that knows how to have fun. Obviously I don’t have the time or resources to build a life-sized robot Bender so I worked with what I had to build a baby Bender. Instead of being a bartender, this time he is a beer butler, aka a remote controlled beer tray. Just a RC tray would be too easy though, so I thought about effects that would make it more flashy and interactive. What if the robot is drunk? I am sure some day after the the singularity we will have robots with a substance abuse problem and it sure wouldn’t hurt to study it now.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. MY LAPTOP DIED! Yup, the Thinkpad beast bought the farm yesterday evening and I was lucky that it was the main board (most likely) and I was able to quickly swap the hard drive and pull my important files out with Slax (thank you Linux!).

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