A day of relaxation

Last week was hectic and I am glad it is finally over. I had a great time on Saturday at the GW reunion dinner and then the science fair. I came second place this year, losing to what is probably the most epic project seen at the science fair to date, a “beer pong” cabinet that tests your blood alcohol content to decide your handicap against your opponent. My hat off to those guys (SR and MVD)!

I am a little ticked off that my laptop is out of commission, life is just not the same without the big screen. I guess I needed something to preoccupy me so I bought a pair of headphones. I have always wanted a pair of full-ear ones and just never got around to getting one. The campus computer store was having one on sale so I picked up these sick Razer Orcas. I know it is not audiophile quality; I’m not that into spending hundreds on headphones. So far these babies are pretty sweet. Light as a feather (though not very sturdy feeling because of it) and the sound is much better than my current Apple earbuds.
Orca headphones

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