Mixed feelings

So I found out today that there is a good chance that Mechatronics will not be offered as a course next year. The reason was a lack of funding, which to me seems like an excuse for pretty much anything academic nowadays. To me, mechatronics embodies what we do as mechanical engineers, now more than ever. Everyday, electronics are being integrated in mechanical systems and electrical engineers are becoming more and more in demand because of it. As the most diverse engineering discipline, mechanical engineers are perfect for a multi-disciplinary subject such as mechatronics. It just seems like the university is cutting corners where it counts and taking the easy way out. It’s sad day when engineering stops being about advancement of technology.

I also realized that I have never mentioned a name for myself on this blog. I figured anonymity is good online but I will try to be a bit more personal as well. I picked an anagram of my real name for my moniker? You can call me InnerFlame.


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