Looks like power supply is a go!

I took a look at what I thought would be a good enclosure for the power supply, but it is a bit too small (I suppose that it is possible to fit everything in there, but it will probably require more soldering and tricky wiring). Instead, I grabbed a Transducer Amplifier that was scrapped by the university and started to strip it down. It had some nice knobs and switches that might be reused, but the first thing is to completely gut it and figure out how the spacing inside worked. It wasn’t too hard taking it apart, after all, this was old electronics that was probably hand assembled. There are a few things that needs work, I need to rebuild the handle (the old LEATHER one is cracked) and the front panel (not sure what to use yet, I do have some MDF around, but no paint). Either way, the cogs are spinning and I am starting to feel the tingle of excitement that comes with every new project/challenge. There are lots of work ahead, and I will have to plan it out carefully if I want the resulting product to look and function as it should.

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