Just another weekly update

So I made the front panel today (the basic outline of it without holes for the posts/buttons/fan/display). The order for all the needed hardware and electronics was placed (all except the variable voltage regulator, which I have back at home). I will worry about the variable voltage output later I guess. The MDF is easy to work with, though the strength is lacking and I am not sure how will it will last after paint. The leather handle will be replaced with some nylon straps (which I bought but still have not found the best way to attach them). With some luck, the needed parts will arrive this week and I can drill the holes for the hardware while the shop is still accessible. If everything goes well, I might be able to spray paint the box during exams and have it up and running at the end of the month. I have not been documenting this build, which I should start soon. Hopefully SR still has one unaltered so I could take a few “before” pics.


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  1. samroesch says:

    That I do!

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