Some pictures of progress

I went and picked up some spray paint for the project. I went with a oil-based rust paint in navy blue and aluminium silver. I think that will be a good combo (matches the grey straps) with the box blue and the front panel silver. I got around to taking a few pictures of the box along with the general layout of the hardware on the front panel. The fan was from a desktop case mod I did in first year and may or may not be used due to the fact that the mounting holes were cut off. The display shown is my MTG box and is just for size reference (a new display will be used and the buttons will most likely be knobs). I will finally have a use for the red rocker I’ve been saving for ages. There will also be more posts, over ten actually. I have them on order as well. Next step? I need to start modifying the ATX power supply to fit inside the box.

PS – I will not need a power resistor as there was already one installed between 5V and ground.

Project box
Project box


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