Blue blue blue

So the navy blue aspect of painting is done! I think so anyways, I did about three coats so far, and it gave it a powder-coat painted kind of look (very nice). I did sand the paint blotches and repaint it, though I am not sure it was the best idea. The sanding marks are still there if you look hard enough and I don’t know if the blotches were more noticeable or the sanding marks. Good thing they are on the back panel and likely will never see much light. The top and sides are perfect. I will get some nice pictures tomorrow when I can get some better lighting. It will look great, I promise.

Update – Here are some pictures of the case! I swear the real thing looks even better! The coating is pretty thick and I hope it lasts (rust paint is suppose to be tough but I don’t have any experience with them).

Project case

Project case

Project case

Project case



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