Finally got a handle on things

I went out for a stroll today and picked up some parts for the power supply. I went to a computer shop and got a nice little 120mm cooling fan. It has RPM output and is temperature controlled with a TTC-123 thermistor, all for 2 bucks! What a steal. Originally I was going to use my 80mm fan that was modified into a jet turbine, now I am not so sure. It would be kind of cool to have the arduino display the fan rpm. I also have a grill for the 120mm fan so it would look really professional. The drawback to the new fan is that it is a lot thicker than the 80mm, by almost 20mm, This might be problematic in fitting the fan inside the case. The flow direction is also different. The turbine will draw air into the case (like a turbine should) whereas the new fan is designed for the back of a desktop case and will therefore blow out. The bigger fan is quite a bit more powerful too.

Other than that, I also figured out the new handle material. I got a foot of 1/2″ clear vinyl tubing that would make for a sick handle. I am thinking of running grey usb cables through the tubing as the linking material to the case. This should give it a very modern “Apple” kind of look that would reflect well of the level of aesthetics that I want. The inspiration came from AKG headphones and there wire head band.

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