Taking a short break

Five finals done, yet another two more to go. All this studying has been draining and sometimes I just want to take a break for a minute (or an hour). The problem is, “how do I take a productive break?”. The internet offers many forms of relaxation, but in reality, it acts as a time sink as well. Aside from updating this blog from time to time, I really should not be lurking on the web too much. As much as I think cyberspace is a wonder thing, it has done its fair share of eye damage and brain pickling to me. My computer in general has been a fortress of solitude to me. Facebook gives me my social fix, Grooveshark provides me with music, Hackaday inspires me with new projects, and a occasional game or movie lends my imagination a breath of fresh air in a virtual world. So why do I feel so unproductive? Deep down, I think it really has to do with my childhood dreams. The older I got, the more detached I feel from my ideals. The creative part of me is slowly being chipped away and in its place replaced with contempt for normalcy and stability. They say we all did stupid things as a kid, but what they really meant was that we dared to take risks when we weren’t burdened with a sense of responsibility. Maybe part of growing up is to accept the things we cannot change, but a part of me will always resist that, I hope it wins.


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  1. SR says:

    I totally agree. I too plan on resisting the sense of responsibility, it is hard to do though. That was a really well written post!

    1. It’s definitely not just responsibility, its about accepting that you are just a small cog in the whole scheme of things. Anyways, this post detaches from what I am suppose to be writing, I tend to do that.

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