Getting in touch with nature

Nothing about electronics today, I just want to talk about a new/renewed hobby – Fishing! I loved fishing when I was younger but never got seriously into it (never ate my catches, just released them as they were mostly catfish). The weather right now is great for fishing and there is a nice lake by the Imperial Oil terminal that is stocked with rainbow trout. I figured I could really used some R&R outdoors so I invested in some trout fishing gear (I cannot believe how poor my existing gear was) and an annual freshwater fishing license. Today I went with my friend CM and spent at least two hours just casting line and enjoying the scenery. I didn’t have any luck (I haven’t bought the new gear at the time) but the guy next to me caught three! I think a part of me really prize the fact that a man can still “catch” his food. So for this summer, I aim to catch many fish and eat them all!


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