Behind with the times…

So I just got back a piece of circuit I returned to SpikenzieLabs in January. I haven’t tested it yet – I’m a bit rusty. If it is not fixed, I think I might just never go there again.

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  1. SR says:

    Succesful hobby electronics stores are all about the service. Adafruit rocks the service. Sparkfun is decent. Liquidware kinda stank. They all sell the similar stuff, but I’ve come to realize that saving a buck or two on some arduino clone just isn’t worth it. With OS hardware, service is the only thing with real value.

    1. True, true, SL is based in Montreal and I wanted to support a Canadian store for once. Guess I was unlucky. So far modern device has been the best for me. I emailed about a part that they should carry and a few days later it’s on their site. Pity they have limited variety of products.

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