Fine woodworking Pt. 1

My need to be productive with my time off has lead me to set lofty goals. This will undoubtedly be one of those “wow, I made that?” projects.

Background: There is a Structube store near where I live that specializes in compact and modern furniture that targets condo living yuppies (aka me). With the circular glass coffee table becoming too small in the new condo (according to my gf), it was an opportune time to see what Structube has for inspiration. Being a very modern store, most of the pieces are very clean and more form-over-function (offering very little storage). One table did stand out as quite functional though very expensive (>$400 like all the other tables being offered). It was a glossy white table (looks like an air hockey table) that slides apart to allow small items to be stored within. I thought to myself, I can copy this design with some drawer slides and make it out of solid wood which is what I like.

With that seed implanted, I drew up a plan and looked up wood supplier around the city. Knowing that I wanted maple for its durability but still needed great value, I first started with Kijiji. As luck would have it, there is a local rustic custom furniture maker that has a few “shorts” – lumber pieces less than nominal (10’) lengths. I bit the bullet and picked up $220 of wood! While the brown maple is pretty $$$, some of the added cost came from the tigerwood that caught my eye. Tigerwood has a rich orange color and dark striping (beautiful!) and I just knew that I can use it to add more pop to the table. In the odd piece pile I also found another inspiration, a laminated piece of maple and walnut that the builder Lenny made for a previous job (Chess table). I knew that with this little piece of pre-laminated spindle, I could create a killer accent section. With some careful cutting, I can make the piece appear mush bigger and I think the picture speaks for itself! Stay tuned for the rest of the table build!


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